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The pursuit of the Rainforest Alliance certification was a way for farmers to aim for a premium price for their coffees, "green up" their practices, gain some production efficiencies, and feel a great sense of pride and accomplishment once certification was achieved. Caribou Coffee's part was to encourage and support our producing partners through the certification process. The reward for us is the pride that our business practices have changed the way coffee is produced for us. Caribou Coffee works with TransFair USA, the nation's only independent, third-party Fair Trade certifier, to ensure our practices meet current Fair Trade regulations.

At Caribou Coffee, we're committed to crafting the finest coffee in the world: from selecting the best green coffee beans, to creating blends, roasting, keeping beans fresh, and brewing. At every point in the process, we accept only the highest-quality beans and employ the highest standards, no matter what the cost. We pride ourselves on offering only the highest-quality, best-tasting coffee available.

Caribou Coffee French Roast K Cup Coffee 2- 24 Pack
This coffee offers a wonderfully rich and dramatic combination of high grown Central and South American coffees accented with beans from Papau New Guinea. They're blended together and roasted to a beautiful dark brown with an even development of surface oils. Our French Roast is a coffee with presence, and a body that is smooth and deliciously heavy. Two 24 count box
Price: $38.95
Caribou Coffee K-Cups Sumatra (Extra Bold) 24 Count
Coffee is collected from small landholders throughout the beautiful island of Sumatra, one of the nearly 14,000 islands that make up the Indonesian Archipelago. This coffee has a syrupy, sweet rich body and cedarwood spice notes. Two 24 count box
Price: $38.95
Caribou Coffee K-Cups Columbia (Medium) 24 Count
This coffee is full of sweet caramel flavors, smooth roasted nut notes, and delicate floral nuances. Two 24 count box
Price: $38.95
Caribou Coffee K-Cups Daybreak Morning (Light) 24 Count
A blend of coffees from the Americas and some fantastic East African beans are roasted to chocolate brown for this light, fruity blend that has a slightly nutty finish. Two 24 count box
Price: $41.95
Caribou Coffee K-Cups Mahogany (Dark) - 24 Count
Mahogany is a dark brew that is rugged by nature and roasted to perfection. Coffees from Sumatra, Guatemala, and El Salvador are combined to achieve a perfectly balanced blend. Sumatra provides Mahogany`s bold dry spice and aromatic wood flavors, while the hint of floral and vanilla of Guatemala wonderfully…Two 24 count box 
Price: $38.95

Caribou Coffee K-Cups Blend (Medium) 24 Count
This signature blend balances a big-bodied, syrupy taste with a clean, snappy finish. The secret is a rich, hearty Indonesian bean, perfectly proportioned with Central and South American varieties for lively fruit tones. One 24 count box
Price: $38.95

Caribou Daybreak Morning Blend K-Cups 108 ct.

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